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Located in Newton Abbot, but with customers around the world, we can help raise your profile with a well-made & hand crafted website that is made without cookie cutter themes.
I love to build good value websites that will make you excited about being seen. We will offer you a website built with a clarity and elegance that takes some skill to realize. We would love to help you showcase your business to world & help you win you the custom and recognition a good web design can bring.The data is clear, websites that are well-designed, that have a clarity and minimalist beauty that makes them a pleasant place to be will bring you more business over less well-designed websites, of which there are many. As an award-winning photographer and an ex Buddhist monk I have a cultivated eye for balanced design, I enjoy sharing that skill with my customers to help them achieve an edge over their competition. 

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Good design is as little design as possible. Less, but better — because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.
-Dieter Rams

Good Design =
 Good for business

There is a strong argument for the power of minimalist design
When someone is searching the web for a service or an item they have three alternative options to hand on average. 

The research says they are most likely to pick up the phone and call the number they find on the most beautiful website. 
A study by Google had one key finding:
Users judge websites as beautiful or not within 1/50th to 1/20th of a second.

“Visually complex” websites are consistently rated as less beautiful than their simpler counterparts.

In other words, the study found that the simpler the design, the better.
Together he helped me formulate the aesthetic which showcases my work. Because I couldn't afford to have my high end bronze work let down again by poor design.

In 4 months I have already gained 2 commissions. My clients tell me they were very impressed with the site and that was a strong factor in deciding to give me the work. The cost to design the site has been repaid.. that's what I call ROI.

Luke Shepherd

Book a risk free Homepage

Want to try before you buy? I will build a you a free homepage without any commitment on your part so you can see what you could get without having to part with a penny. 
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How would we build trust?
I usually offer to build you a homepage with as many revisions as are needed before you commit to making a down payment for the project. 

That way we set a design language for the site that you're happy with, we establish a working relationship you understand and you know what you're going to get. 

That means the risk is taken by me but so far I never had a client want to pull out once they've understood the quality of what their getting. 
What would work together?
I like to work to a standard not so much a price and at the end of the day I will work collaboratively with every customer until they get exactly what they want.

I generally negotiate a fixed price for the project and then we can work off the clock - this is most beneficial if the website is to be made with the necessary care and attention that lends itself to a pleasing result. Many sloppy design decisions are often made when working in a hurry - working in this more considered way we can keep going until we reach our goal.
How do I compare?
I am not the cheapest, and I am certainly not the most expensive. Many websites are frankly riddled with design errors and if you work with me I will do my utmost to try to eliminate these subliminal visual and aesthetic barbs that undermine a visitors trust in your credibility.

Many of my customers tell me they have had an increase in the amount of work they are getting due to their new website. 

One in particular won contracts worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.  I have in fact been given bonuses when they realize how beneficial the new site has been to their business. Often their new customers tell them they chose to pick up the phone to them because their website was attractive and professional looking.

Another thing that distinguishes me has been my long-standing interest in the arts and creativity combined with my skill as a trained photographer. 

This helps me handle, curate and prepare images well. When you combine that with the sensibility and endurance of a Forest Tradition Buddhist monk and an intense interest in technology, typography, communication and innovative approaches to the web.

I also have the fierce loyalty of a dog to my customers - all in all you get a fairly unique mix of talents that will hopefully help you get a better site than average.  

If You Think Maths is Hard Try Web Design